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Up on the housetop

Sammy, the Christmas Snake         



  With the family watching Snake TV,
Sammy asked, "What's this I see?"
His mother said, "You'll never know.
It's not for snakes, that stuff is snow.

"Our snake blood needs the summer sun,
 In snow we'll freeze and we'll be done.
 So in winter months we hide away.
 While there is snow, inside snakes stay."

But Sammy dreamed of the frosty flakes.
His doubting mind said, "Goodness sakes,
Just sneak away, no one will know
And have some fun up in that snow."

He threw on some skin he'd shed
And took the cover from his bed.
Then he vowed, "When the coast is clear
I'm up the hole and out of here."

 Snug and warm at home

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Sammy Snake original images copyright 1998 by Christene Newlund.
Grandpa Tucker Rhymes and Tales produced by Bob Tucker



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